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Lazy H Ranch - Mansfield, OH
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The Lazy H Ranch is a family owned and operated business dedicated to Equine Sports, and cattle management. Our purpose is to ensure the finest facilities and environment for all of our family and other families to enjoy and participate in competition involving horses and cattle.

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 The Lazy H Ranch is now a seller of Hay Guard products.     No acid. No bacteria. Hay Guard allows hay producers and contractors to bale their hay with up to 25% moisture. This allows for greener and more nutritious hay. Hay Guard has no odor, so treated hay smells fresh-just like hay should. Now hay producers have a real choice. Call Scott for more information at 614-206-4649 or visit Hay Guard's website at

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Lazy H is hosting a Cutting on July 25th! Feel free to join us.                                                                                                        

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